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Lensbond - For the sake of your health

Perfect vision - scientifically proven!

Test results, LKT Laboratory for Plastics Technology, Vienna: (05/2010)

(...)Stresses in the lens lower its resistance to mechanical strain. Stresses in the lens can lead to lens aberrations which should be avoided generally. The Lensbond technology shows good resistance for a bonded plastic material. The special strength of the Lensbond technology lies in the stress-free finished product. (...) "The best glasses available, perfect view is guaranteed." Quotation Prof. Andreas Schmidt, LKT, Vienna

Study by ophthalmologist Dr. Ernst Höfling, MD, Ottobrunn (02/2010)

(...)Conclusion: Stresses in the lens reduce vision quality. This is of particular importance for organic lenses. Central acuity improves by a factor of approximately 1.06 ("6%") when stress-free lenses are used. (...) "The difference to ordinary optical glasses, that show drilling holes for the mounting, is proofed unambiguously. Drilling causes micro-cracks and tensions. Therefore, an exact visual correction is no longer given. The problem is solved with bonded glasses: the exact lense stays exact." Quotation Prof. Bernhard MItterauer, Salzburg