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Perfect fit for maximum comfort!

Many models of eyewear are more akin to fashion accessories and do not fully perform their actual function. Temples are rigid and tight, are too long or too short, and cannot be adjusted sufficiently or at all. Eyewear frames are often extremely heavy and can cause pressure points or even headaches.
If eyewear is not adjusted to fit the wearer, its optical traits are no longer correct either. Most people with eyewear are unaware of this fact.

Maximum wearing comfort

LENSBOND eyewear is lightweight for maximum wearing comfort. It can be adjusted in all the relevant ways: inclination, temple opening angle, protrusion for reading, and temple length and shape. Wearers are fully satisfied with their optimum vision and guaranteed wearing comfort. The eyewear fits like a tailored suit, perfectly suited to your needs.

Light as a feather

The eyewear is made exclusively of top quality lightweight materials such as refined titanium combined with a variety of high-tech plastics. All parts are anti-allergenic and gentle on the skin. Thanks to an optimized design and choice of materials, they are ultra lightweight and flexible yet permanently retain their shape.

The temples

LENSBOND eyewear has two types of temples that you can change in seconds at any time without tools. Both models can be adjusted in length to ensure complete wearing comfort.
  • The straight temple
    In spite of the amazingly small contact surface, the eyewear fits perfectly thanks to a wafer-thin cross section and the flexible properties of the material. Ideal for sports and recreational activities. The straight temple fits closely to the head, so it can also be worn under a helmet without any trouble.

  • The comfort temple
    The comfort temple is fitted anatomically correctly to the contours of the wearer’s ears in the area of contact. No pressure points, no slippage, no wobbling. It is almost as if you have no eyewear on at all.

The nose pad

No two noses are identical! That much is certain. Poorly fitting eyewear causes irritating pressure points, slips down your nose and can even cause headaches. LENSBOND eyewear features a fully adjustable nose pad with soft, skin-friendly silicon pads that can be adjusted ergonomically to fit any nose.